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Vetsep Surgical Scrub 500ml

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Antiseptic scrub for washing hands and surgical wound site prior to operating. Vetsep Antiseptic Scrub has a gently foaming action to assist in cleansing, or can be applied without scrubbing to provide asepsis.


Chlorhexidine (as gluconate), 4% solution.


Antiseptic scrub for washing hands and surgical wound site prior to operating. Vetsep Antiseptic Scrub has a gently foaming action to assist in cleansing, or can be applied without scrubbing to provide asepsis.


Chlorhexidine is a biguanide antiseptic. It is both bactericidal and bacteriostatic. Chlorhexidine has a potent, broad spectrum activity against many gram negative and gram positive bacteria, it is active against dermatophytes and, in solution, exerts virucidal activity.

As well as a rapid bactericidal activity, Chlorhexidine has an affinity for, and binds to, skin and mucous membranes so topical application means persistence of antibacterial activity for some time. Chlorhexidine has little irritation and is nontoxic.

Directions for Use:

Wet hands, pour on 3.5ml Vetsep® Surgical Scrub, rub thoroughly over all areas for two minutes, rinse.


Available in 500ml, 5litre and 20litre sizes.

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