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Dynavyte Microbiome Support ™

Dynavyte Microbiome Support ™

Microbiome Support is a gut health product formulated by fermenting humates and kelp.  It is highly bio available, being readily absorbed into the animals system.

Using Microbiome Support in the appropriate doses may be beneficial in:

Stabilising the micro flora in the gut which may lead to an improvement in the animals behaviour

Assisting in improving food conversion which may lead to a reduction in feed costs

Boosting the immune system which may assist in allowing performance animals to cope with workloads

Supporting  broodmares and foals with their nutritional requirements in times of stress and need.

Microbiome Support can be added to hard feeding regimes or applied directly over the tongue. Microbiome Support can improve gut function and feed conversion so significantly, as long as your horses receive a nutritionally balanced diet suitable for their work load and environmental conditions, (ie including electrolytes) it is not so necessary to add vitamins and minerals.  And if you do, they will absorb them so much more efficiently with less waste by excretion.  When using Microbiome Support there is generally no need to use other forms of nutritional supplements.

Microbiome Support does not contain any FEI prohibited substances.

Microbiome Support is available in 1 litre, 5 litre, 10 litre, 20 litre, and 200 litre volumes.

Active Constituent: Bacillus subtilis (Natto) 1-10×10 6/L

Ingredients: Humates, Kelp Extract, Molasses and Water

Withholding period: NIL

Does not contain any FEI prohibited substances as per the January 2018 Register.

ACVM Registration NZ exempt.

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