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TF Pig Grower Pellets - 25KG Bag

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TF Pig Grower Pellets - 25KG Bag

Suitable for adult pigs, and weaned pigs requiring additional feed to maximise growth.

Pig Grower Pellets are an ideal feed for pigs that are kept on lifestyle blocks and have their diet supplemented with vegetable scraps and other ‘waste’ material.

Manufactured with New Zealand and Australian sourced ingredients, Pig Grower Pellets contain a full Pig Grower vitamin and trace mineral premix, and include amino acids in the formulation. Pig Grower Pellets are not stockpiled – they are made on demand so pigs can enjoy eating the freshest feed possible.

Protein-rich, Pig Grower Pellets provide pigs with a source of the vitamins and trace minerals they require in a convenient low waste pellet form, and provide pig owners with fast-growing pigs.

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