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NRM Chook Tucker 20kg

NRM Chook Tucker 20kg

A blend of steam flaked and kibbled grains, molasses and pellets suitable for laying hens

Chook Tucker provides your hens with a balanced

diet containing the protein, energy and calcium

that they need for good health and great eggs.

Feeding recommendation

Suitable for all breeds of laying hens from 16 weeks of age (point of lay). Feed ad lib – approximately 1 cup (or a good handful) per hen per day. For best results, provide access to oyster grit to ensure good shell quality.

Grit should be supplied separately, not sprinkled on top of feed.

Ensure hens have access to clean, fresh water at all times.

Ingredients selected from

Grain and grain by-products, plant proteins, vegetable oils, animal

fats, enzymes, amino acids, limestone, mono or di-calcium phosphate, salt, sodium bicarbonate, vitamins and trace minerals, mould inhibitor, pigments.


Please ensure product is stored in a cool, dry and vermin-free environment.

Caution: Do not feed to any animal species other than those stipulated on the label.

Typical analysis (approximate on an as fed basis)

Crude Protein 15%

Calcium 4.2%

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