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Pet Piller for Cats & Dogs

The easy, painless way to deliver tablets to your pet.... 

After placing the tablet in the end of the blue syringe tip, the Pet Piller is introduced into the mouth and the plunger action is used to pop the pill into the back of the animals throat. 

  • The new thumb ring gives greater control to make giving the medication even easier 
  • The tip has been redesigned and improved material used making it even harder for the tip to be accidentally removed whilst the pet is being medicated 
  • The owner is less likely to get bitten and it is easier, safer and less traumatic on the pet.
  • The hygenic blister pack has easy to follow directions on the back 
  • It is especially useful with cats and small breed dogs.
  • Made of hygienic plastic, the Pet Piller can be easily cleaned and reused 

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