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NRM Moozlee

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NRM Moozlee - 20kg

Premium starter feed for young calves


Day 0 - 4 colostrum ad-lib 40kg body weight min

Day 5 - 10 2L twice-a-day ad-lib

Day 11 - 21 2.5L twice-a-day ad-lib

Day 22 - wean 3L twice-a-day ad-lib 28 days = 50kg

Day 50 - 66 600gms + GrowUp Finisher

Day 57 - 66 GrowUp Finisher 66 days = 75kg

Day 67 - 84 GrowUp Finisher 84 days = 100kg

Suitable for calves reared for both beef calves

and dairy heifer replacements.

An extremely palatable and nutritious feed which contains a mix of

fibre, quality grains and protein meals, molasses, vitamins, minerals

and a coccidiostat.

Specifically formulated to encourage hard feed intake to stimulate

early rumen development, Moozlee gives calves the head start they

need to reach their full potential.

Key Benefits and Features

• Moozlee flavourant for enhanced palatability and early feed


• Highly digestible grains for early rumen development.

• Early rumen development reduces the risk of feed intake checks

at weaning.

• Vitamin and mineral package for optimal health and development.

• Bovatec® to aid in the prevention of coccidiosis.

• Recyclable packaging.

• PKE free.

Feeding Recommendation

Feeding Rates

* 125 - 150g of NRM Power Whey with water to make up 1L

Wean off milk gradually at 65kg minimum weight, when consuming

1kg of Moozlee per day. Moozlee should be offered fresh each day.

If fed in troughs, clean out frequently. Ensure fresh, clean water is

always available.You may wish to switch to a lower protein feed such

as GrowUp® Finisher once the calves weigh more than 80 – 100kg. 

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