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NRM Lamb Start Mix with Deccox® 6%

Lamb Start Mix with Deccox® 6% 

Suitable for young milk-fed lambs from four days of age.

NRM Lamb Start Mix with Deccox® 6% is a high quality, nutritious textured starter feed formulated to allow young lambs to achieve their full potential.

Key Benefits and Features

A mix of highly palatable and digestible grains, fibre, molasses and pellets which encourage dry matter intake to support rumen development.

Early rumen development reduces the risk of feed intake checks at weaning and may reduce rearing costs.

Contains essential vitamins, minerals, and trace elements needed for optimal growth and health.

Made from selected quality ingredients including high quality protein for growth and vigour.

Essential oils and flavour help to encourage early hard feed intake.

Deccox® aids in the prevention of coccidiosis.

Feeding Rates

May vary with different breeds and farming practices. As a supplement to milk feeding, feed NRM Lamb Start Mix with Deccox® ad lib from 4 days of age. Healthy lambs older than 4 weeks of age, over 9kg body weight, and typically eating 200g/head/day of NRM Lamb Start Mix with Deccox®, may be weaned off milk and onto pasture. After weaning, slowly reduce NRM Lamb Start Mix with Deccox® intake over the next 6 weeks to 85g NRM Lamb Start Mix with Deccox®/head/day.

For further information, please download the Full Spec Sheet in .PDF Format Here

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