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Anlamb™ Lamb Milk Replacer


Anlamb™ is New Zealand’s favourite lamb milk replacer.  It is a specialised milk powder sourced wholly from cow’s milk in New Zealand and has help raise thousands of animals, not just lambs, since the 1970s.
Protein 26%
Fat 26%
Lactose 38%
Moisture 3.5%
Minerals 6.5%

Available in 5kg, 10kg and 20kg bags

Specifically formulated from New Zealand-sourced milk powder to supply lambs and kid goats with the nutritional requirements for optimal growth and development.


Suitable from day 4 through to weaning*
Nutrient profile almost identical to raw whole milk, providing lambs and kid goats with the very best start to life.
26% protein primarily from NZ sourced whole milk powder, no added vegetable protein, providing essential nutrition for growth.
26% fat from dairy sources, the only fat that contains butyrate, which is important for rumen development.
High casein component for a strong curd, like nature intended, for initial digestion in the stomach and improved nutrient supply & uptake.
Contains essential vitamins and minerals required for early growth and development.
Soluble and easy to mix.
Contains no Coccidiostat so is safe for all label species.

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