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NRM Big Pig Nuts

Big Pig Nuts

A balanced feed for slow growing or mature pigs

For growing pigs from 65kg or dry sows and boars.

Big Pig Nuts are formulated to meet the nutritional needs of

growing pigs from 65kg or 15 weeks of age.

They are also suitable for feeding to dry sows and boars where

limited weight gain is required.

NRM Big Pig Nuts are formulated with high quality ingredients

to provide balanced protein and energy for slow growing or

mature pigs.

Because NRM Big Pig Nuts is a complete feed, the provision

of other supplements should be limited.

Ingredients selected from

Grain and grain by-products, plant proteins, grass seed meal,

vegetable oils, enzymes, amino acids, limestone, mono or

di-calcium phosphate, salt, mould inhibitor, vitamins and trace

minerals, animal fats and organic acids.


Please ensure product is stored in a cool, dry and vermin

free environment.

Caution: Do not feed to any animal species other than those

stipulated on the label.

Growing Pigs Feed 2-3kg per day depending on age, genetics, body weight and environmental temperature.

Dry Sows

Feed 2-2.5kg per sow per day depending on body weight and condition. Take care not to overfeed dry

sows as excessive weight gain can result in overfat sows with low feed intake and poor milk production

post farrowing.

Boars Feed approximately 2kg per boar per day depending on age, genetics, body condition and

environmental temperature.

Kunekune Pigs

For Dry Sows and Boars: Feed 1 to 1.5kg per day while allowing access to pasture or other fibre.

For Growing pigs from 4 months: Feed up to 1kg per pig per day depending on required weight gain and

pasture quality and availability.

Typical analysis (approximate on an as fed basis)

Crude Protein 14%

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