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NRM Crushed Barley

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NRM Crushed Barley

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A high energy, non-GMO grain, which has been processed by dry crushing.


Feeding Recommendation

Crushed barley is not a complete feed and should only be offered as a supplement to other feeds as part of a complete diet suitable for the type of animal being fed.


For pigs and poultry ensure adequate protein is available as part of the diet.


For horses, camelids and ruminants (cattle, sheep, goats and deer) ensure adequate pasture, silage or hay is always available.


Always introduce new feeds gradually. Ensure clean fresh water is always available.


Feeding Rates

Cattle Dairy cows Up to 6kg per day

Beef animals/dry cows Up to 2kg per day

Calves                            Up to 1kg per day

Sheep - Ewes             Up to 200g per day

            Lambs                Up to 100g per day

Goats - Does                   Up to 300g per day

            Kids                    Up to 150g per day

Horses                            Up to 2kg per day

Camelids - Adult              Up to 300g per day

Deer - Adult                    Up to 1kg per day

Poultry                            Up to 50g per day

Pigs                                Up to 500g per day

Ingredients selected from




Please ensure product is stored in a cool, dry and vermin free environment.


Caution: Do not feed to any animal species other than those stipulated on the label.


Typical analysis (approximate on an as fed basis)

Crude Protein 10%

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