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JW® Cat Brush

JW® Cat Brush

The JW® GripSoft® Cat Brush combines a slicker brush and a pin brush in this new design for daily grooming.

The Cat Brush has the standard square shape and angles pins of a slicker with softly rounded tips of a pin. This gentle brush is great at removing shedding fur and preventing hairballs.

The angled pins remove the hair while the rounded tips gently massage the skin.

The JW non slip ergonomically designed handle is also more comfortable on the hand making grooming a more pleasurable experience for you.


Gentle slicker with angled pins 
Helps keep cats coat de-matted and tangle-free
Non-irritating and made for daily use
Gripsoft Technology with non-slip grips and ergonomic handle
Ideal for daily brushing to reduce hairballs and shedding
For all cat breeds and will work on short, medium and long-hair

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