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Ethical Agents Pad Spray

Ethical Agents Pad Spray 125ml

An aqueous, quick drying, bactericidal spray


Presented as a convenient 125ml trigger pump spray, Pad Spray contains: Cetrimide – Quarternary ammonium compound with activity against both gram -ve and gram +ve bacteria, Chloroxylenol – Bacterial antiseptic, Orthophenylphenol – antibacterial and antifungal, Pyrethirins – Natural Insecticide, Synergists – Assist the insecticidal and repelling ability and Bittering Agent – to deter licking.


A quick-drying, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial topical treatment. The Pad Spray formulation provides wide antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal activity while it repels annoying insects.


To aid in the treatment of dogs with damaged pads and stoppers, minor cuts, abrasions, inflamed quicks, paronychia (infections of the toenail and skin junction) and pulled nails. This product is recommended for use on racing greyhounds, working, hunting and other dogs to harden soft pads and stoppers as an aid in reducing wear and risk of laceration.

Pad Care in Dogs:

Foot pads may wear excessively when dogs are walked, worked or exercised on hard or rough surfaces, particularly following wet weather. The pad surface may peel off, tear, or grit may penetrate the pads, resulting in lameness. Fungal and bacterial organisms may invade the injured tissue. Regular inspection and evaluation of the condition of the pads is important.


Spray onto affected area twice daily.


If product should get into the eye, rinse thoroughly with copious amounts of fluid.

Other information: Store below 25°C.


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