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Judges Choice Plaiting Wax

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Judges Choice Plaiting Wax

Judges Choice Plaiting Wax contains Natural Beeswax and Rapseed Oil.

These waxes are used to form a strong hold to create a natural, shiny, non-greasy hold.

Use Judges Choice Plaiting Wax to tame those flyaway hairs when plaiting, but keep the flexibility needed to create a smooth plait and braid every time.

Your plaits will be left smooth, superior hold, and will not flake.

Directions for use:

Use Judges Choice Plaiting wax by applying the wax to the shaft of the hair on the top and bottom of each plait.

If more grip is needed whilst plaiting, use Judges Choice Perfect Plait.

These products are made to use in conjunction with each other.

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