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Feliway Spray 60ml

Feliway Spray 60ml

Feliway Spray comforts and reassures cats and kittens, reducing signs of stress such as urine spraying, scratching, fighting or hiding

Modern life does not always make for happy cats, stress can contribute directly to health problems.

Feliway Spray offers comfort and reassurance on-the-go and additional support at home

Makes travel and visits to the vet less stressful. During car journeys or when going to the vet, spray directly in your cat’s carrier
Allows convenient and targeted management of the areas marked by your cat with urine or scratching in your home. Simply spray on doorways, cat-flaps, window sills and prominent objects around the house. For areas which have already been scratched or urine marked, clean marked areas thoroughly, then once dry, apply FELIWAY Spray
Key Benefits:

Mimics the feline facial pheromone, thus creating a state of well-being and comfort
Is proven to help reduce or prevent stress in cats helping them adapt to modern living
Easy to use
No added stress due to administration of tablets
Made Specifically For:  Helping prevent or reduce signs of stress and providing a sense of security for your cat.

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