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Chick Warmer (No Cover or Regulator)

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Chick Warmer (No Cover or Regulator)

Optional Cover and/or Regulator available to purchase separately. 

The 240v chick warmer plate gives controllable low-level heat for young chicks. The warmth is from above, so chicks can move in and out from it as they wish. The height is easily adjustable on the corner legs. The temperature-controllable element is totally encased in plastic for safe operation. Optional clear domed-plastic cover prevents chicks climbing onto the plate and creating a mess on it (see photos), and is available for each size warmer (except triangle units). A rheostat controlled temperature regulator is also available separately. Its use is optional. The triangle warmers are made to fit snugly in corners, instead of dominating brood areas. Chicks are very comfortable congregating in corners, and the warmer uses even less energy when placed in a corner. 


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