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Airlyte Animal Bedding 3kg

Airlyte Animal Bedding 3KG Bag

The benefits of using Airlyte for Animal Bedding:

  • It is more absorbent of liquid.
  • Absorbs smells reducing ammonia in the air.
  • NO dust particles or Allergens that will aggravate respiratory systems.
  • More comfortable as it traps the warm air produced by the animal providing natural insulation.
  • Assists with control of red mites with poultry.
  • Low bacteria, mould free and highly biodegradable.
  • Clean, quick and easy to use.


Bedding: Indoor pet cages, Outdoor cages, Animal pens & Stables

Breeders: Dogs, Chickens/Pheasants & other poultry

Health: Veterinary Clinics & Sick animals

Large Animal Bedding

Horses, Donkeys, Alpaca or Llamas, Goats, Pigs and Zoo Animals.

When it comes to respiratory or allergy problems Airlyte is your first line of defence. Veterinary Science recommends using un-used, recycled cardboard for bedding for prevention and treatment of animals with COPD, other breathing problems, allergies or other non-infectious respiratory diseases.

Research report supports that chopped cardboard bedding is found to be 5 times more absorbent than wood shavings, 6 times more absorbent than straw bedding. It doesn’t get a chance to creep under mats and ferment, which is detrimental to horses and other animals’ respiratory tract and wellbeing.

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