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ZorbiFresh Active 20KG Bag

ZorbiFresh Active 20KG Bag


This is suitable for bedding such as shavings, sawdust, concrete or rubber. You can also pop down some Zorbifresh before you lay your new bedding.

Made in New Zealand with 100% Natural BPM NZ Zeolite.

ABSORBENT - ZorbiFresh™ Active when added to wood shavings used as bedding, significantly decreases the moisture of the bedding. This means that shavings can be added less frequently, saving you time and money.

AMMONIA - ZorbiFresh™ Active absorbs up to 199% of its weight in moisture, soaking up ammonia and nitrates. This prevents ammonia from turning into ammonium and keeping the air fresher for longer, healthier for both you and your horse.

ANIMAL HEALTH - ZorbiFresh™ Active starts killing bacteria (including Staph.Aureus and E.coli) as soon as it is applied and keeps killing beyond 24 hours.

COMPOST/SOIL APPLICATION - When shavings are cleared out and create compost, ZorbiFresh™ Active keeps working, it helps reduce leaching due to its structure and slowly releases nutrients back into the soil with the addition of silica which is highly beneficial to plants.

We recommend the following 4 step process for ensuring dry, fresh bedding for your Horses:

Step One: Clear out shavings/saw dust to create a clear dry base.
Step Two: Apply ZorbiFresh Active to bare ground of your stable or yards.
Step Three: Distribute your bedding of wood shavings or saw dust.
Step Four: Apply ZorbiFresh Active to the bedding. Then apply every 2 to 3 days or as required depending on stall use.

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