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Yours Droolly Retractable Lead

Yours Droolly Retractable Lead

Strong, easy to use and comfortable reflective tape leads with a 5M tape length.

  • One finger lock and release action
  • Quick and durable braking system
  • Strong and comfortable reflective tape lead

Yours Droolly Retractable Dog Leads are strong and easy to use. The retractable function allows you to have flexibility while walking, adjusting the length of the lead to allow your dog greater freedom, or retracting for better control when needed.

Choose the lead size appropriate for your dog:

  1. Small dogs up to 15kg
  2. Medium dogs up to 20kg
  3. Large dogs up to 50kg

Clip the lead to your dog's collar or harness and select the required lead length by pulling out the lead. Press the button down and forward to lock into place.

If you need to adjust the length, simply push the button to release, adjust the lead length and push the button bin to lock the new length.


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