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Trouble & Trix Tofu Cat Litter - Cherry Blossom 7L

Trouble & Trix Tofu Cat Litter - Cherry Blossom 7L

Trouble and Trix Natural Cat Litter is blended with a cherry blossom fragrance and made from sustainable plant-extracts soya bean and guar gum (tofu, bean plant extract). This makes the litter 100% natural, biodegradable, digestible to kittens and non-toxic. This litter may be natural, but it doesn’t compromise on odour control, with added baking soda and cherry blossom to neutralise the urine smell.                                  

The litter forms soft, scoopable clumps, which can be flushed in small volumes, or composted.  It is also a lighter weight than typical clumping litters, making it easier to carry.      

Soft on paws and low tracking, this is a great all-round litter.

Transition Guide

Changing to a new cat litter: Cats are creatures of habit. It may take some time for your cat to familiarise with the new litter. To prevent accidents around the house, we recommend transitioning the old litter with the new over a 4–7-day period, starting at a ratio of 75% old to 25% new and increasing the new litter as you take away the old, soiled litter.


This litter can be composted, however bacteria in animal waste can be harmful so it is recommended to use a separate compost system, which will not be used in the fruit and vegetable garden.


Unit depth 12cm
Unit width 20cm
Unit height 54cm

Also available in a 15L / 6.4kg bag

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