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Topflite Truffle Twister

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Topflite Truffle Twister

Let’s do the twist with our stylish Truffle Twister, a cool-looking feeder your mates in the garden will flock to.

The Truffle Twister is a designer bell feeder created for use with our Topflite Wild Bird Energy Truffles. The sturdy ceramic dome is made for withstanding whatever New Zealand’s elements can throw at it. Sturdy wire secures the ceramic bell and allows it to be hung easily from a tree, out of predators’ reach, and the twisting heavy-duty spring is the perfect spot for  wax-eyes to hang from while they enjoy nibbling on a delicious energy-boosting truffle.

1: Built tough. Looks great.

2: Can be used to hang energy truffles and fruit.

3: Easy to hang – easy to use

4: Sold individually

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