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Vitamin mg or μg per litre:
Ascorbic Acid 50mg, Thiamine 1.0mg, Riboflavin 2.0mg, Nicotinic Acid 50mg, Pantothenic Acid 10mg, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride 1.5mg, Folic Acid 400μg, Hydroxocobalamin 40μg, Biotin 60μg, Retinol 800μg.

Minerals g or mg per litre:
Calcium 20g, Phosphorus 1.5g, Sodium 1.0g, Potassium 0.80g, Citrate 0.50g, Magnesium 100mg, Iron 20mg, Copper 5.0mg, Zinc 5.0mg, Manganese 1.0mg, Iodine 0.15mg.

Approximate Analysis:
Minimum protein 5%, Minimum carbohydrate 5%, Minimum lipid 5%, Energy 450kj/100ml, 2224kj/100gm


Mix 100gm of SUPERLAC slowly into 450ml of water.

The best results are achieved through mixing with a blender.

Feed rate:

15ml per 100g of body weight per day.

Body weight    50g    100g    150g    250g    500g
Amount of SUPERLAC per day    7.5ml    15ml    22ml    37ml    75ml

Divide and feed 100g body weight per day.

Storage after mixing:
Store milk solution in refrigerator in covered container, use within 5 days. Discard if mixture separates or becomes clotted.

Available in 250g plastic tub and 1kg plastic pale.


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