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Royal Canin Indoor Cat 7+

Royal Canin Indoor Cat 7+

Mature cats face a unique set of health challenges.

Fewer playtime sessions can mean lower muscle mass.

An older cat may have difficulty eating due to dental problems or a declining sense of smell and taste.

And with a long life full of napping, grazing, and grooming, mature cats often have higher-than-healthy body weights and foul-smelling stool odor.

What your cat eats can make all the difference.

Royal Canin Indoor 7+ dry cat food is formulated with key nutrients needed for your cat's (7 years and older) relaxed lifestyle: A vitality complex of added vitamin C, EPA, and DHA for staying active and strong.

Adapted phosphorus levels to help support renal health.

Highly digestible proteins for digestive health and to help reduce litter box odors.

Softer, square kibble texture for easy chewing.

For variety, complement this dry kibble with our Royal Canin Intense Beauty wet cat food.


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