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Oxford Leather Collar

EzyDog Oxford Brown Leather Collar

Top Quality Leather Dog Collars
If you're looking for a long-lasting, hard-wearing collar for your dog, check out the Oxford leather dog collars from EzyDog Australia. Made from natural leather and created for both style and function.

All Oxford products feature a full-grain exterior with a padded leather lining. Each collar also features brushed metal hardware; gold for brown and silver for black. The simple tongue buckle fastening method is extremely simple for attaching and detaching the collar from your dog.

The simple yet stylish aesthetic of the EzyDog Oxford Classic Collars is suited to both Urban and Country environments.

A premium leather collar from EzyDog has been built to last and will age well over time. Perfect for outdoor and adventurous dogs, the natural grain leather is hard wearing and will survive any environment. We're so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a one year warranty on all our dog collars.

These leather dog collars have also been designed with comfort in mind, with the padded lining preventing chafing on your dog's neck.

Perfect for an extra-large dog that requires a tough collar or an extra small dog/puppy that needs to keep up with the latest urban style. Leather really is the ideal choice for any dog.

Spoil your Dog with a Luxury Dog Collar
Our Oxford Dog Collars come in two flat leather finishes - Black leather and Tan leather.


• Full-grain leather that displays the leather's natural texture

• Made to age well; with time the leather will develop a beautiful patina

• Hard-wearing

• Available in both black and brown

• The padded lining prevents chafing on the dog's neck

• Brushed metal hardware

XS    20 - 25cm (8 - 10")    15mm
S    25 - 35cm (10 - 14")    20mm
M    35 - 45cm (14 - 18")    25mm
L    45 - 55cm (18 - 22")    25mm
XL    55-65cm (22 - 26")    25mm

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