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Organic Diatomaceous Earth 350g

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Organic Diatomaceous Earth 350g

DE has many dietary uses for pets and livestock. Added daily to your animals diet DE lacerates internal worms causing them to release their grip on intestinal walls and get passed. 

Mix with your pets and livestock feed it will help to: 

- Promote better health, less stress and more vitality 
- Digestive aid, improving stool health and gut problems 
- Stimulates basic metabolism 
- Better feed conversion, improving weight gain, health and productivity 
- Promotes healthier coats, hair, skin, hooves, nails and feathers 
- Cost effective health supplement, helping to reduce vet bills. 
- Negatively charged DE particles help to absorb heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides, drug residues and E-Coli (that are positively charged). 

Organic Diatomaceous Earth is a mechanical pest control. 
Upon contact, the find powder absorbs lipids from the waxy outer layer of the exoskeleton which causes pests to die from dehydration. 
Pets can be lightly dusted or brushed directly as a natural way to rid external parasites (avoiding eye area). 
It can also beneficial to dust onto your pets bed or around animal housing areas. Odorless and Non-Staining. 
It can also be lightly sprinkled onto your carpet before leaving for a few days and vacuuming. 
Great for killing bed bugs. 
When used in kitty litter boxes it will assist odour control and moisture absorption. 

Also suitable for pest and insect control.