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Nutritech EquiSheild

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Nutritech EquiSheild


EquiShield™ is a natural product comprising mannan oligosaccharide, modified glucomannans (from yeast cell wall), magnesium, chromium, Orego-Stim® and an anti-oxidant. EquiShield™ maybe incorporated into the diet as part of the nutrional programme set up to support horses and ponies that are prone to equine metabolic conditions or immune system dysfunctions. Animals consuming EquiShield™ may also benefit from a course of ImmuBoost®or EquiYeast™ to help improve digestive function.


Active Ingredients

Chromium (organic), magnesium (both inorganic and organic), mannan oligosaccharide, modified glucomannans, Orego-Stim® and vitamin E.


Recommended Dose Rate

High dose 10g per 100 kg: Horse (500 kg) = 50g, Pony (250 kg) = 25g.

Normal dose 5g per 100kg: Horse (500kg) = 25g, Pony (250kg) = 12.5g.

One level 15ml scoop is approximately 10g.


Directions for Use

Administer to horses by mixing with supplementary feed. Begin with the high dose, and continue for 10 days or while symptoms persist. Following this, the dose can be reduced to the normal rate depending on the individual horse’s response. For best results, split the daily dose into morning and evening feeds.


Pack Sizes

1 kg, 5 kg.

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