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Nutritech EquiCopper

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Nutritech EquiCopper

EquiCopper is an organic copper supplement to aid in the prevention and treatment of copper deficiencies in horses. Symptoms of copper deficiency include anaemia, poor growth, hair colour change and weight loss. Organic copper (copper bound to amino acid) has been found to have a much greater bio-availability for horses and will be a more effective copper supplement, especially in areas with high sulphur, molybdenum or iron levels, where copper deficiencies are common.


Recommended Dose Rate

Two level 5 ml scoops is approximately 10 g

Adult Horses (500 kg body weight) 10 g / horse / day

Yearlings (350 kg body weight) 8 g / horse / day

Weanlings (250 kg body weight) 6 g / horse / day

Foals (100 kg body weight) 3 g / horse / day


Directions for Use

Thoroughly mix the required amount into one of the daily feeds of meal or grain.


Pack Sizes

1 kg, 4 kg.

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