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NRM Sweetfeed

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NRM Sweetfeed 20kg

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Suitable for horses in moderate to heavy work

such as eventers, hunters and race horses.

NRM Sweetfeed™ is a highly palatable textured feed, designed to

meet the needs of race horses and sport horses in moderate to heavy

work. the inclusion of steam flaked grains and vegetable oil meets the

energy demands of increased workloads. NRM Sweetfeed™ contains

a premium blend of vitamins and minerals, perfectly balanced for

performance horses.

Key Benefits and Features

• Oat free, giving the flexibility to add your own oats or use as an

oat free feed.

• Added linseed to increase omega 3 fatty acid level, enhancing

coat condition and general health.

• Fortified with balanced levels of all the essential nutrients required

for optimum performance.

• Contains natural vitamin E, which has superior bioavailability

compared to synthetic sources.

• Increased grain, reduced pellets and added oil for

improved consistency.

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