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NRM Mare Balancer 20KG

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NRM Mare Balancer - 20KG

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Concentrated source of vitamins and minerals

Suitable for pregnant mares in their last trimester of pregnancy, as well as lactating mares.

NRM Mare Balancer provides a concentrated source of vitamins and minerals to mares during pregnancy (especially during mid to late gestation) when demands by the unborn foal are at their greatest. Pregnant mares grazing on pasture need additional copper, zinc and selenium to meet needs and minimise the occurrence of developmental orthopaedic disease (DOD) in the foal. Mare Balancer is in the form of a nut allowing paddock feeding and nuts can simply be poured on to the grass.

Key Benefits and Features

For pregnant mares.

Concentrated source of key nutrients for optimum health of subsequent foal.

Ideal for ‘good doing mares’.

Ideal for mares grazing good quality pasture that do not require additional calories.

Contains natural vitamin E which has superior bioavailability compared to synthetic sources.

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