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Biotin for hooves and hair!  ensures healthy growth for harder, stronger hooves and encourages healthy hair to grow whilst being less prone to snapping and brittleness.

Biotin is a key nutrient for better hoof and hair quality.

Super strength concentrate requires only 1-2 grams daily! encouraging hard hooves that are more resilient to wear, brittleness, chipping and promoting a more durable sole!

Research shows some horses don't digest well and as a result don't produce enough biotin naturally (despite adequate fibre).

Research also shows that adding biotin back to the diet can drastically improve hoof health.

Research suggests results can be seen approx. 6 weeks after feeding and should be continued for horses with a history of poor hoof quality.

Biotin is recommended where the diet is generally good (contains adequate protein, fibre and other vitamins and minerals).

By adding biotin you are putting back what the horse is not making naturally.

Also see Opti-Min if your diet is lacking due to low feed rations, poor grass quality or restricted pasture access.

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