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Mitavite STUDGRO® 20KG

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Mitavite STUDGRO® 20KG

The Studgro Advantage

Fully steam extruded, improving small intestinal digestibility to over 90%, reducing the risk of hindgut acidosis & associated issues.

Full array of Essential Amino Acids in a horse specific profile to aid the development of strong bones, tendons & muscles.

High in Soluble Fibres for optimum gut health & digestion.

Elevated levels of Bioavailable, Natural Vitamin E, an effective antioxidant & to support muscle function.

Fortified with Biotin for strong hooves & healthy skin.

Large Nugget for convenient paddock feeding.

Formulated to support the development & replenishment of all body tissues.

No Added Soy & Molasses*

 *This product is manufactured on the same production line as other Mitavite products and while not included in this formulation traces of soy and molasses may be present.


Canola meal, barley, Mitavite®'s vitamin and mineral premix (including heat stable vitamins and chelated mineral proteinates), canola oil (Omega 3 and Omega 9 fatty acids), mill mix, salt, lysine and methionine.


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