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McMillans Broodmare

McMillans Broodmare

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McMillan Broodmare is a high quality textured feed formulated to meet the nutrient

requirements of mares during the various stages of pregnancy and lactation, specifically

during the last 3 months of pregnancy when trace mineral requirements increase.

Broodmare is also an ideal first feed for the young foal at foot. Contains organic yeast

culture for optimum digestion as well as natural vitamin E and Zinpro organic trace minerals.


• Steam flaked grains for enhanced digestion and to assist with weight maintenance during pregnancy and lactation

• Quality protein ingredients to ensure good foetal development and milk production

• Organic yeast culture for optimum digestion

• Zinpro organic zinc and copper to enhance foetal body reserves and minimise the

incidence of Developmental Orthopaedic Disease (DOD)

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