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Summit - Littlix Salt Blocks - 2.5Kg

Features & Benefits:
Convenient smaller blocks
Ideal for cattle, deer, horses, sheep and goats
Suitable for high country sheep farming to avoid smothering
Trace minerals for animal health

Dose Rates - Littlix Block 2.5kg
Cattle/Deer/Horse: 1 block per stock unit
Sheep/Goat: 1 block per 10 stock units

Content – Active Elemental Loading:
Sodium Chloride 89.2%
Iodine 94 mg/kg
Sodium 34.8%
Iron 89 mg/kg
Calcium 2.79%
Cobalt 65 mg/kg
Copper 1250 mg/kg
Selenium 3 mg/kg
Zinc 580 mg/kg

Why Salt Blocks?
Animals have sought salt since the beginning of time, gathering at salt licks to satisfy their need for salt. Many New Zealand soils and pastures are naturally low in available sodium, and the use of certain fertilisers, such as Potash, may accelerate the leaching process.

​Sodium deficiencies are manifested as abnormal licking or chewing of wood, soil and sweat of other animals and may be accompanied by a decline in growth rates and/or milk production.

Common Salt (sodium chloride) is an essential constituent of animal diet. Because many New Zealand pastures are deficient in sodium some form of supplementation is often necessary. For instance, lactating cows need a daily minimum of 20gms of sodium chloride, dry cattle a minimum of 10gms and sheep a minimum of 2gms.

Sodium is routinely expelled from the body in milk, urine, faeces, sweat and saliva. Sodium should be available to farm animals every day and because of this, is a convenient carrier of other minerals.

Salt may be one of the most cost effective methods of increasing production.
Sodium in some form should be available at all times all year round
Dairy cows’ salt requirements significantly increase when lactating, as large amounts of sodium are excreted in milk
Young animals in rapid growth need sodium for new tissue formation
When sodium is deficient, appetite is suppressed
Trials prove Summit® Salt Blocks last nearly 4 times longer than loose rock salt and require twice as much rainfall before broken down by the elements.
Compact 20kg Summit® Salt Blocks are easy to stack, handle and dispense.

New Zealand dairy cows grazing pasture are most susceptible to deficiencies of cobalt, copper, iodine, and selenium.
Zinc supplementation is also important for immunity and hoof health.
Trace mineral deficiencies may induce problems such as abortions, retained placentas, mastitis, and infertility.
Summit Salt – No.1 Choice Throughout New Zealand.

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