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James Hart - Valerian Calm

James Hart - Valerian Calm 500ml

Valerian Calm can be used to calm all types of fractious, over anxious or nervous horses.
It has been widely used to settle horses, during various types of training but cannot be used in competition.
It is the classic calming herb.
It is important to stress that Valerian is only banned during competition and racing but is still very useful in training.
Valerian Calm is particularly useful as an aid in the education of young horses.
It helps to settle horses during their inevitable first exposure to transportation, shoeing, teeth or vet inspection.

24 hours withholding time
In conjunction with the NZ Racing Laboratory we conducted trials which show that a withholding period of 24 hours is needed prior to competition.

Valerian Calm contains only 1:2 liquid extract of Valerian Root (Valeriana officinalis).

The suggested dose is:
Horses 10 - 20 mL as required
Ponies 5 - 10 mL as required

The dose can be repeated three hourly if needed or given on a twice daily basis.
Some horses may respond better if given a regular dose each morning and evening.

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