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Insect Medley - 125gms

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Insect Medley - 125gms

Our Insect Medley pack provides the perfect protein treat for wild birds, chickens, and reptiles. Loaded with calcium and protein, these insects provide essential nutrients (at the same time as tasting delicious).

For reptiles, insects are an important part of their diet in the wild. They will love the mouthfuls of tasty treats. Let chickens do what chickens do best by giving them the chance to scratch around on the ground for tasty insects. And for many wild birds, insects are an essential serving of protein. Serve them up our quality feed.

100% natural serving of insects for reptiles, poultry, wild birds, and tropical fish

Insects are rich in protein and calcium.

Chickens are often deficient in protein during moulting season, adding insects to boost protein and aid egg production.

Feeding guide:

Feed ad hoc, birds will regulate their intake as required.  Place in a feeder or spread on the ground to encourage natural foraging behaviour for wild birds and poultry.

Pet owners can feed from two to five insects per meal, depending on the size of the animal and the species type. For smaller fish and reptiles, they will need to break the bigger insects into easily digestible pieces.

It is important owners know that these treats should only be served as part of a complete diet. While helpful in delivering valuable nutrition and diversity into their diets no animal can survive on this food alone. That is why many people choose to mix insects with their regular wild bird feed for backyard birds to dine on. These diverse and nutritious blends are perfect for feeders like our Seed Snacker and Snack Shack.


50% dried crickets and 50% dried mealworms.

protein 65%, fat 14.3%, fibre 4%, moisture 8%, ash 3.53%, minerals 3%

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