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IBark Natural Dog Wash 375ml

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Here at IBARK, we love dogs and we have worked to create a simple, safe and natural Dog Wash that gently cleanses and moisturises; preventing skin and coat damage that regular soaps & shampoos can cause.

IBARK Natural Dog Wash is a carefully selected blend of natural ingredients. Using the old-fashioned process called saponification and only safe ingredients from nature, we created our liquid Castile soap Dog Wash, especially for sensitive dogs.

— It’s safe enough to use on yourself and other pets as well.


Water Olive Oil (Sodium Olivate) Coconut Oil (Sodium Cocoate) Argan Kernel Oil (Argania Spinosa) (softness, shine) NZ Lavender Oil (Lavandula Angustifolia) (calming, soothing) NZ Manuka Oil (Leptospermum Scoparium) (anti-bacterial, anti-microbial) NZ Kanuka Oil (Kunzea Ericoides) (anti-bacterial, anti-microbial)

Our Dog Wash preserves the natural balance of oils found in your dog’s coat. This keeps skin calm and healthy after cleaning; and leaves your pet with a clean, soft, lustrous coat. IBARK Natural Dog Wash also helps control: scratching, dry skin, inflammation, bacterial, fungal and yeast infections, insect in-habitation, and body odour.

Our packaging is carbon neutral and recyclable. Our Dog Wash is completely biodegradable, which makes IBARK Natural Dog Wash eco-friendly. Kind to your dog, you and the environment.

There are NO synthetic detergents; preservatives, synthetic fragrances, harmful chemicals, laurel sulfates, parabens or palm oils. Herbicide and pesticide free.

Simple - Safe - Kind - Natural - Healthy

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