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HyGain TruCare

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HyGain TruCare

He is your BFF, you love him heaps and want him to be happy and healthy, but he is not as flexible as he used to be, he drops weight easily, especially in the cold winter months and his teeth have seen better days. Your horse is aging, a natural process, just like in humans.

We understand that our senior friends require special nutritional attention due to decreases in metabolic and digestive efficiencies that accompany the ageing process. We have taken these changes into consideration and developed HYGAIN TRU CARE®, which provides your horse with higher levels of nutrients that are essential to maintain joint health and mobility, body condition and general well-being.

We assist you in providing TRU CARE for your older horse.

HYGAIN TRU CARE® provides a balanced diet of highly digestible fibre, fat and carbohydrates along with essential vitamins and minerals specifically developed to meet the nutritional requirements of mature horse/pony (6 yo +) when in work, at rest or enjoying retirement.

HYGAIN®’s controlled moisture and pressure cooking process (extrusion) promotes highly efficient digestion and nutrient utilisation and improved feed safety. The extruded cube can be soaked in water, resulting in a mash that is ideal for horses with poor dentition.

Care should be taken to match feed intake to age, breed, appetite, exercise, desired body condition, pasture/hay quality and availability and climate. HYGAIN TRU CARE® should be fed in conjunction with quality pasture, hay, chaff or soluble fibre sources.

Feeding rates per day


Body Weight Height TRU CARE® Roughage

250-350kg 13-14hh 0.75kg – 2kg 3kg – 4kg

350-450kg 14-15hh 1kg – 2.2kg 3kg – 5kg

450-550kg 15-16hh 1.5kg – 2.5kg 4kg – 6kg

550-650kg 16hh+ 2kg – 3kg 5kg – 7kg

Light to Moderate Work

Body Weight Height TRU CARE® Roughage

250-350kg 13-14hh 1.2kg – 2.5kg 3kg – 4kg

350-450kg 14-15hh 1.5kg – 3kg 3kg – 5kg

450-550kg 15-16hh 2kg – 3.5kg 4kg – 6kg

550-650kg 16hh+ 3kg – 5kg 5kg – 7kg

*Intended as guide only, all variables should be taken into consideration.

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