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HIRE Trap Double Entry Small 64cm

HIRE a Double Entry Live Trap (Small 64cm)

Minimum Hire Period is 3 Nights at $10.00 per Night.  Minimum Charge therefore is $30.00.

Each Night thereafter is $10.00 per Night.

Important Note:  Using any live capture trap has very specific obligations under the NZ Animal Welfare Act 1999.

Trap Double Entry Small 64cm

Double entry traps are best used without bait.

Place in spot likely to be used as a thoroughfare, like a hole in a hedge of fence- where a clear path through can be seen.

The mesh allows vegetation of foliage to grow through and thus disguise the trap.

Handle allows safe retrieval of trap with animal inside.

(Note: can be used with bait but not actually designed for this).

Dimensions: 64cmL x21cmW x 21cmH

Hire Period

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