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Harvest Grains - DIY Smart Feed

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Harvest Grains DIY-SMART-FEED™

Applying essential principles of equine nutrition and nutritive synergy

Our formulas are research driven and genuinely trialed before receiving our stamp of approval.

The Original SMART-FEEDS™ you simply cannot replicate!

Balanced calcium/phosphorus

  • Essential salt
  • Omega 3
  • Essential fatty acids
  • Non endophyte chaff
  • Coated vitamin E
  • Low GI
  • Molasses free
  • Grain free
  • Soy meal free
  • Copra free
  • Lucerne free
  • Natural source of boron

92% organic matter


Submerge in water 10 minutes or more before feeding

may assist management of:

  • Laminitis or foundering
  • Metabolic disorders
  • (EMS, Cushings)
  • Feed induced Tying Up
  • (RER & PSSM)
  • Insulin resistance
  • GIT disorders, colic, ulcers
  • Anxious behavior
  • Respiratory reaction to dust
  • Various common feed reactions
  • Gastric re-hydration
  • Weight control program
  • Mineral Imbalances

      * Safe for mares in foal


More than just a foundation for the special diet.


Premixed feeds often provide micro-minerals iron, copper, zinc and selenium at levels which may not be suitable for a horse or ponies diet.


Home made formulas often provide a poor balance of calcium and phosphorus. This may create imbalances in your horses nutrient uptake. The additional calcium and phosphorus in 'DIY' will assist horses and ponies with restricted access to good pasture and is important for maintenance of bones, joints and overall health. In some cases it may be necessary to increase the calcium and/or phosphorus to meet increased demand such as late pregnancy, lactation or grazing high Kikuyu pastures.

*If unsure your home built ration is meeting requirements seek professional advice or contact us.

Horse owners nationwide have now confirmed horses and ponies are more content when a SMART-FEED™ is included as part of the daily diet.

ACTIVATE WITH WATER before feeding

How to prepare

Submerge fully in clean water leaving to activate for 15 minutes and up to a few hours, increase water volume if preferred. 

If by error this product is fed dry there is no cause for panic.

Soaking of any feeds should be monitored to ensure they do not ferment.

When bore water is used or when conditions are humid please use the soak time limit provided. 

SMART-FEEDS™ may assist respiratory function if introduced as part of the daily diet. Lowering the consequences of dry cough and irritation caused by dust.

If there are concerns about your horses health or performance it may then be necessary to send away a blood sample for analysis.

SMART-FEEDS™ may assist horses and ponies with common feed related gastro-intestinal-tract and hind-gut irritation.

DIY™ (when soaked) may be safely enjoyed by all sizes, ages and breeds including those at risk of colic, ulcers, airway infection, laminitis, cushings, increased metabolic heat load.

For healthy rehydration when pasture is low or zero in the diet.

A good start to a weight control program.

Provide additional salt or electrolytes as required

Horse size & dry weight feeding guide (before soaking) per day, alter to suit any horses 

Horse size & dry weight feeding guide (before soaking) per day, alter to suit any horses diet

100kg weight feed up to 500g dry (add water)

200kg up to 1kg dry (add water)

300kg up to 1.5kg dry (add water)

400kg up to 2kg dry (add water)

500kg up to 2.5kg dry (add water)

600kg up to 3kg dry (add water)

Selenium testing is advisable to ensure levels meet the horses individual needs


Brown Top, Timothy, flax, pea hull, lupin hull, EE soy hull, GMO free protein, premium omega 3 fatty acid, essential omega fatty acids, omega oil, tissue anti-oxidants, GMO free proteins, essential salts, calcium and phosphorus, feed enzymes, MOS, ACVM registered toxin treatment.

DOES NOT CONTAIN any additional micro minerals such as ZINC, COPPER, SELENIUM etc

Variations in the plant nutrient values may occur.


C Protein 15.2% Vitamin E 532iu

Energy 10.6 Mj/kg Fiber minimum 62%

Calcium 6.7g Fat / oil+lipid 9%

Phosphorus 4.2g NSC 7.7%

Sodium 6g WSC 5.4%

Chloride 10g Starch 2.3%

NB : not a treatment for discomfort or disease - call your vet if animal is unwell

Does not contain any prohibited or illegal substance listed under FEI rules or AU:NZ Rules of Racing.

Keep in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

Ensure your horses receive a minimum 1% of their body-weight as additional good quality fiber and give open access to fresh clean drinking water and salt block if needed.

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