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Harvest Grains - Breed N Spell 20kg

 Breed N Spell 20kg

• All growth stages incl yearlings, mares & foals

• Maintain or increase condition when required

• Spelling and agistment

• Ageing and rehabilitating 

• Also suitable for young and old working horses

Balanced for growth and enhanced physical appearance.

Suitable for a variety of horses including those with reduced appetites


Quality non genetically modified ingredients provide the protein foundation for breeding and growing.

The addition of essential amino acids, lysine and methionine plus increased biotin target healthy growth and metabolism.

A nutrient rich formula balanced using organic chelated minerals and organic selenium.

Important vitamins are coated to delay oxidation.

INGREDIENTS : barley, lupins, peas, sunflower, GMO free extruded protein, Harvest Grains Signature Nut™, alfalfa, omega fatty acids, omega 3 oil, molasses, HG Premium (inorganic and organic mineral premix, chelated minerals), protected vitamins, probiotic, prebiotic, feed enzymes,  MOS, gut conditioners, essential salts, ACVM registered toxin binder.

Seek advice if unsure of selenium requirements 
Provide additional salt or electrolytes when work intensity or sweat loss increases 

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