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FourFlax Equine Gut Pro

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Fourflax Gut Pro provides nutrients to support optimum gut health and immunity, and also includes a mycotoxin binder.

Boost your horse's nutritional intake with a selection of vitamins, minerlas, essential fatty acids, amino acids and calories, to contribute to overall health.  

This unique formula is rich in targeted ingredients for immune function, cell repair and absorption of nutrients.

Feeding Fourflax Gut Pro can encourage the complete digestion and full utilisation of your horse’s feed.

Maximise hindgut health by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria in the hindgut to support natural digestive health and freedom from upsets.

With added Mycofix Plus 5.E Gut Pro can also help to provide absolute protection and manage the adverse effects resulting from mycotoxins in feed.

Flax seed fibre, Citristim yeast mannan containing beta-glucans, inulin, Protexin multi-strain probiotic, slippery elm powder, Mycofix Plus 5.E (A11328), Vistacell live yeast, L-glutamine, garlic flavour.  

Daily Feeding Recommendation (scoop enclosed holds approx. 25g): 
2 week loading or acute cases – 1 scoop per 1kg of hard feed
Maintenance - ½ scoop per 1kg of hard feed

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