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Fiskens Weanling Mix 25KG

Fiskens Weanling Mix 25KG

A higher protein feed for young growing horses up to 12 months of age.


Energy DE 14MJ/kg, Crude Protein 19% min, Fat 3% max, Crude Fibre 5.5% max

Contains barley, maize, soya bean meal, peas, molasses, linseed, lucerne, skim milk powder, bran, lime, vegetable oil, salt, Dicalcium phosphate, vitamins and minerals and yeast

Contains ideal vitamins, calcium and phosphorous levels for young growing horses

Contains milk powder

High protein levels for young foals with daily access to good pasture


Promotes good skeletal development

The combination of milk powder and molasses encourages foals to eat from an early age

No additional grain, protein supplement, vitamins and minerals required

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