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Fiber Fresh Travel Ezy 10kg

Fiber Fresh Travel Ezy 10kg

10kg "Super Fibre" For Optimal Health, Digestion, and a Cool, Calm Performance" Travel Ezy® is a moist, highly digestible blend of forage fibres comprising lucerne and the equine specialty grass timothy.

Timothy grass is high in dietary fibre, low in soluble carbohydrates and is known to facilitate better digestion, gut function and overall digestive health in horses.

Travel Ezy® is a well-balanced multi-forage fibre providing good levels of digestible energy, protein and essential amino acids.

It is recommended when increased fibre feeding or a consistent slow-release energy source are the objectives and when cool, slow-release energy is required.

Travel Ezy® can be fed alongside or substituted for fresh pasture/hay feeding or mixed with hard feeds as a high-quality forage fibre source.

Travel Ezy® is ideal as the primary forage feed to aid in the management of metabolic and digestive health in horses.

It is a common-sense fibre choice for a calm and steady performance or for horses sensitive or prone to laminitis, or other sugar and starch-sensitive conditions.

Travel Ezy® is completely safe as a consistent base forage and is suitable for all horses.
A 10kg, versatile, slow-release energy fibre suitable for all horses.

  • Fresh cut lucerne and equine specialty grass – timothy
  • Unique blend of high nutritional fibre
  • Moderate protein and energy
  • Very low in starch and sugar.

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