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Exzolt Oral Solution (Red Mite Treatment - Poultry)

Exzolt Oral Solution (Red Mite Treatment - Poultry)

Exzolt is a convenient treatment that induces a rapid and massive decrease in poultry red mite populations in a chicken house. 
Red mite infestations are a welfare issue for both commercial and backyard birds. The mites are active at night and affect sleeping, appetitie and activity. Productivity is also impacted as both weight gain and egg production are decreased.
Dose rate:

The dose for Exzolt is 0.5 mg fluralaner per kg BW per day (equivalent to 0.05 mL Exzolt) administered twice, 7 days apart. The complete course of therapy must be administered for full therapeutic effect.

Withdrawal periods

- Meat and offal: 14 days.
- Eggs: zero days.


Active Ingredient: 10 mg fluralaner per ml

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