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Equisoy Super Feed 25KG

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A diet high in quality fibre, it is critical to horse health and ensures the optimum functioning of the hind gut and nutrient absorption. Grass and forage should make up the majority of fibre in the equine diet.

But what about when the horse is boxed or grass levels and quality are low? What to do if you need more energy or condition but don’t want to pump your horse full of grain?

  • High quality fibre
  • High quality protein source
  • High digestibility, cool energy source
  • Low in NSC (Non structural carbohydrates)
  • Low sugar
  • Soaks in just 5 minutes even in winter!

This is where super or short chain fibres come into their own. Fibre ferments well, creating heat which is ideal for winter feeding. Optimum fermentation also promotes maximum absorption of nutrients from the diet.

  • Adding condition
  • Adding safe cool energy to the diet
  • Horses prone to metabolic issues such as Tying-up, Laminitis, Insulin Resistance, Cushings Disease, PSSM and EPSM
  • Elderly horses with poor teeth
  • Feeding soaked products also contributes to hydration for working or travelling horses

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