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EquiShure®-Time-Released Hindgut Buffer for Horses with Subclinical Acidosis

EquiShure™ is appropriate for horses suspected of suffering from subclinical acidosis. At-risk horses often express one or more signs that can derail athletic performance as well as reduce growth or reproductive potential.

Signs of subclinical acidosis may include: 

•Decreased feed intake or complete inappetence in severe cases 
•Mild to moderate colic signs of unexplained origin 
•Poor feed efficiency and subsequent weight loss 
•Loss of performance 
•Development of stereotypies such as wood chewing, weaving, and stall walking 

A diagnosis of subclinical acidosis is often overlooked initially when one or more of the aforementioned signs is noticed.

EquiShure, a time-released hindgut buffer, may be beneficial in counteracting the effects of this syndrome.

Available in 1.25 kg, 3.6kg or 7.2 kg

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