Equine Athlete Quicklyte Paste ea

Equine Athlete Quicklyte Paste ea

  • Equine Athlete QUICKLYTE PASTE Contains electrolytes & chelated minerals for fast replacement of loss from sweat. Ideal for pre & post race or competition

Quick-lyte paste is a combination of electrolytes and chelated minerals formulated in a single dose syringe.

One 30ml dose syringe replaces the electrolytes lost in 2 litres of sweat.

Because the electrolytes in Quick-lyte are present in a highly absorbable form, they are rapidly absorbed from the horse’s stomach.

Quick-lyte uses a patented carrier that ensures the stability of the electrolytes and minerals during storage and also gives the product its free-flow properties that make it easy to use. After taking Quick-lyte, horses have a strong desire to drink so it is important that fresh drinking water is made available.

This makes Quick-lyte ideal to use before and after long float trips.

How often do you hear of horses who won’t drink when they travel away from home?

Quicklyte will trigger a response to drink and often then to eat.

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