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ED Leash Oxford 48" LITE Brown

EzyDog Leash Oxford 48" LITE Brown

Leather Dog Leads for Small Dogs.
The Oxford leather LITE dog leads from EzyDog Australia are made from natural leather and are created for both style and function. 12mm in width and 120cm in length, these leashes have been designed specifically for dogs under 12kg.

All Oxford products feature a full-grain exterior with a padded leather lining. Each leash also features brushed metal hardware; gold for brown/pink and silver for black.

Buy Small Dog Leather Leashes Online
The Oxford Classic Leash LITE is 120cm in length. Perfect for small dogs or puppies that need to keep up with the latest urban styles, leather is the ideal choice for any smaller pup.

• Full grain leather that displays the leather's natural texture
• 120cm in length, 12mm in width
• Brushed metal hardware

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