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Dynavyte Forcevital ®

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Forcevital is a natural herbal based product that has been developed to address issues relating to respiratory and circulatory problems that negatively impact on the ability of a horse to perform as required.

The best results are achieved after using the product for an initial period of ten days and then regular daily usage whilst the horse is in hard work.

Forcevital is available in a 3 kg tub.

Dosage: Twice Daily mix 1 level measure (25g) into food. 

Application is best in a wet mix to ensure that nothing is lost in hard feeding.

Active Constituent:Vitamin C 100mg/g, Garlic Extract 132mg/g, Phytorutoside 100mg/g, Cysteine 40mg/g

Withholding period: NIL

Does not contain any FEI prohibited substances as per the January 2018 Register.

ACVM Registration NZ exempt.