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Dunstan Sugarbeet Flakes (20KG)

Dunstan Sugarbeet Flakes is a natural feed, produced during the extraction of sugar from the root crop sugar beet. Dunstan Sugarbeet Flakes provides a rich balance of energy sources for horses and ponies. Energy from sugar is rapidly digested and used efficiently for work and performance. 

Dunstan Sugarbeet Flakes is high in digestible fibre, which under bacterial digestion in the horses hind gut slowly releases energy, providing a good energy source, whilst keeping the digestive tract in good condition. 
The combination of sugars and digestible fibre provides a slower release of energy than from cereal sources, ensuring a more constant energy supply to meet the horses requirement without the 'heating' effect sometimes associated with grain feeding. 
Dunstan Sugarbeet Flakes is high in calcium, making it an ideal complement to oats and bran, helping to balance the diet. Dunstan Sugarbeet Flakes is very palatable, its inherent high sugar content ensures that even shy feeders find this product irresistible.

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