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Dunstan Broodmare Mix

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Dunstan Broodmare Mix 30Kg

A molassed, textured feed for the Broodmare during pregnancy and whilst lactating.

Contains extruded cereal

Components fully balanced

Added vitamins and minerals

Utilises organic minerals

Contains natural vitamin E

Elevated inclusion of lysine

Dunstan Broodmare Mix is a highly palatable complete textured feed for Broodmares. It is suitable for Mares during pregnancy that requires supplementary feed to maintain body condition.

Lactation puts large energy demands on the Mare and therefore increased levels of supplementary feed are likely to be required for the Mare to maintain desirable body condition during this time. Dunstan Broodmare Mix will provide a balanced, energy-dense supplement to satisfy nutritional requirements of the lactating Mare.

For foals at foot, Dunstan Broodmare Mix provides a suitable supplementary feed to bridge any nutritional shortfall that may be present in late lactation, as well as introducing the foals to hard feed prior to weaning.

The extrusion cooking process applied to cereal grains and proteins by Dunstan considerably enhances the digestibility of conventional cereal grains and results in improved utilisation of nutrients. The addition of Vegetable Oil and Soya protein ensures the correct balance of nutrients for this important pre-weaning stage.

Equine Safe

Dunstan Horsefeeds are produced in Equine-Safe manufacturing plants, ensuring a product of premium quality, safety and performance.Dunstan Horsefeeds are produced in Equine Safe manufacturing plants, ensuring a product of premium quality, safety and performance.


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